Reverb 10 for December 2 – WRITING

Prompt: December 2 โ€“ Writing. What do you do each day that doesnโ€™t contribute to your writing โ€” and can you eliminate it?



Being in nursing school has kept me from doing a lot of writing this year. When I am finished with my clinical logs and other assignments or after charting on patients all day, the last thing that I want to do is sit down at my laptop or pick up my journal and write some more. I have also realized that there are times where I avoid writing because I know that the act of bringing those thoughts forth from my head will force me to feel all of the unpleasant emotions that I may have been trying to shove deeper beneath the surface. This is especially true if I am thinking of writing about my father or a troublesome day with a particular patient. Though I have always been very articulate and comfortable with self-expression, I think that I have a fear of that expression at times. Fear that I will not be able to say what I really mean, that I will not be able to fully convey what I feel or be able to translate from the abstract emotion to a concrete sentence upon the page.

Can I eliminate it? Yes. As Nike has said for years, “just do it”. In 2011, there will be less thinking and self-critique and more writing.


One thought on “Reverb 10 for December 2 – WRITING

  1. what an interesting project! i’ve also found myself avoiding writing, and wishing to push myself through that avoidance. here’s to finishing up 2010 on a better note!

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