Reverb 10 for December 5 – LET GO

December 5 – Let Go: What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

I let go of the antiquated, traditional concept of family because I have created family from the people who grace me with their presence in my life.

I have let go of over-committing myself because I don’t need to be at every event to feel like I am participating in life.

I have let go of doing more for others than I do for myself because I only want to honor relationships that are mutual and respectful and reciprocal.

I have let go of lots of “stuff” – material that serves no purpose in my life and overwhelms me with the thought of having to schlep boxes around for the rest of my life.

I have let go of the idea that “stuff” will make me happy, improve my life, improve my cooking, improve my productivity. Women survived before Williams-Sonoma made tempting, yet unnecessary gadgets and I shall, too.

I let go of keeping clothes that I may some day fit in to if only I lost ____ pounds. If I don’t love it and wear it often, I shouldn’t keep it as a punishing reminder.

I let go of thinking that I need to be or will be good at everything I do and that my self-worth is based on outward successes. There are tests I won’t ace, classes I will hate, mornings where I will oversleep, money I will fail to make, awards I will not win but those are not the things that will determine the impact I have on the world.


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