Reverb 10 for December 14 – APPRECIATE

December 14 – Appreciate. What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?

I think I appreciate one particular person the most rather than any one thing. This lady right here:

I appreciate the heck out of my mom despite the fact my behavior sometimes connotes otherwise. It can be hard to express gratitude for a mom because you’re at a complete disadvantage from the get-go. I mean, a woman endures nine months of pregnancy, 31 hours of labor, and a C-section and there is just no way I can ever make amends for that! Sure, there’s Mother’s Day, but that really never seems to come even remotely close to helping children everywhere be more appreciative of their moms. My first act of mom appreciation in 2011 will probably be a cease-fire of my endless barrage of requests for various things including, but not limited to money. I foresee a good chunk of my future paychecks heading back to the Bank-of-Mom. She politely declined the cozy retirement cottage I had planned to build her behind my future home.

Everyone needs a good, solid mother in their life. If you don’t currently have one, or you have one, but not one that you like, I recommend you commit to a thorough search for someone who will listen to your endless rants, ravings, and whining at 11pm, make you chocolate chip pancakes, write you “just because” cards, tell you when you’re being a jerk, tell you when your boyfriend is a an idiot, clean out your cats’ litter boxes, and remind you that you really are an awesome person who probably won’t kill anyone during your career as a nurse.


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