Reverb 10 for December 24 – EVERYTHING’S OK

December 24 – Everything’s OK. What was the best moment that could serve as proof that everything is going to be alright? And how will you incorporate that discovery into the year ahead?

I hate to be a debbie downer, but I don’t know if I can really say that there was a moment in 2010 that could serve as proof that everything is alright. Even in the movie “The Kids are Alright” nobody was as really as happy as everyone imagined or assumed.

I think that, this year, I learned that everything is probably not going to be ok when you consider just how many things can go wrong in a lifetime on this planet. I also learned that I am ok with everything not being alright. Do I wish that there was a lot less tragedy in life? Of course. I also acknowledge, though, that I’ve weathered some pretty major storms and come out the other side relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, life’s trials and tribulations, no matter how seemingly trivial, are the impetus for growth and change. The aim is to be a person who recognizes that, embraces it, and works towards being a happier and healthier person as a result.

There were a lot of “oh crap!” moments in 2010. None of those moments were really followed by my realizing that my world would somehow go back to the way it was. Instead, those moments were followed with my flipping out to some degree and later being ok with things not always going according to plan. And I really think that that is what has made a difference.


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