Think Happy Thoughts

I'd have to climb 2,500 steps to burn off one pint of ice cream!

I discovered the concept of manifestation through the wonderful blog Clean, written by the creator and owner of LuSa Organics. I’ve learned a great many things about little ways to make life more meaningful through Rachel’s writings. She is an inspirational wife, mama, crafter, cook, and entrepreneur. Manifestation is about realizing that we really can have what we want and what we need in our lives if we focus on the feeling and emotion of having that particular something. In reality, we humans can’t just conjure something out of thin air simply by wishing for it, but we can realize that sometimes, we are our own greatest obstacles on the path to what we most desire in our lives. I’ll admit that the idea, at first, seemed much too new-age and even a little hokey for me. I imagined Aladdin with his golden lamp, seeking love, happiness, and wealth from the genie inside.

You mean, I can achieve something just by thinking about it? Well, in that case, I’m going to focus on having a million dollars!

The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized just how much manifestation relates to other ways we’ve been taught to achieve goals in life. Everyone from Oprah to Weight Watchers to psychoanalysts utilize and preach concepts like visualization and story-boarding and sayings like “if you can dream it, you can achieve it”. The concept of manifestation reminds me of meditation or mindfulness where you focus intensely and intently on a particular thing in your mind’s eye. You visualize what it would be like to reach this goal; what will you feel like, what will you do with this new found thing in your life, what kind of person will you be with this thing you have achieved? How else would we work towards the things we wanted if we were unable to perceive of ourselves at the end of the journey as well as along the way?

I don’t view manifestation as a way to bring material objects into my life per se. Though, I have noticed that if I am really in want of something, it fulfills a need in my life, and has legitimate use-value, that it just may come into my life by the grace of god or the universe.

In these early days of 2011, I have fully recommitted myself to becoming a happier and healthier person; physically, spiritually, and mentally. To keep me motivated on the physical front, I’m working with a personal trainer two days per week. Given my past relationship with exercise, I knew that I was also going to need to look at something everyday that would remind me of my goals. I created a manifestation poster that I have hanging above my desk with bits and pieces of beauty and inspiration for those days when I’m inclined to be less than accountable for my actions.

Manifestation poster

Nothing fancy: just stiff card stock, some glue, and a few magazines that I cut to bits. I specifically made mine colorful and included a bright pink bloom that made me really happy every time I saw it on the Whole Living Magazine cover. Someday, I’ll have a whole manifestation board where I can add and remove pieces as the needs in my life change.


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