Right Now

I wish I had more time for this space, but it seems that adjusting to my new life as a full-time RN has left little room for much else.

Right Now I am:

#exhausted from 3 straight days of shifts at the hospital that included some emergencies, two very unpleasant patients, and some very unexpected kinds words from patients, families, and colleagues.

#having dreams of telemetry heart monitors when I sleep and waking up thinking I hear my beeper going off in my bed.

#learning to meet patients where they are and discovering how to assess their readiness to change.

#crying in my careafter a shift when days are strenuous and I feel overwhelmed by the sheer roller coaster of emotions I ride each day.

#slowly quilting a special project for my youngest cousin who is a source of beauty in my life.

#still not finished the raglan sweater I am supposed to be completing for myself.

#spending time with new and old friends laughing, eating, and drinking my way to happy memories.

#accomplishing a few rows of knitting at a time.

#remembering to nurture myself by working out with my trainer, stretching at physical therapy, following my doctor’s plan of care, and switching to a vegetarian diet.

#excited to try the recipes in Veganomicon!

#frustrated at the fact that I am still taking prednisone.

#bringing green, nature, and spring indoors with terrariums.

#preparing to start my seeds for my summer vegetable garden.

#feeling grateful that I get to do a job I love and excited about the many possibilities this career will bring.

#wishing I had more time to document the wonderful moments in this life with my camera.