The Main Course

 :: Grilled Pizza with Chicken, Roasted Peppers, Onions, and Mozzarella::




I love homemade pizza!

This summer, thanks to a neighbor, I was introduced to how wonderful grilled pizza tastes. Pizza is a great way to express creativity in the kitchen because you can use virtually any ingredients you wish. It is quick and virtually effortless given the array of prepared foods available to us. I particularly like to give my leftovers a makeover by turning them into pizza toppings.

For this particular meal, I used grilled chicken, peppers, and onions that I had from the previous nights kabobs. I added some tomato sauce and sliced and shredded mozzarella. Because we had one on had, I used a Boboli shell for the crust, but I generally prefer Trader Joe’s pizza dough which comes in plain, wheat, or garlic herb and is a mere 99 cents a bag! I always try to have a couple of these in the freezer for nights when the “what’s for dinner” question isn’t easily answered by something else.

I assemble my pizza in the kitchen and then pop it directly onto the grill (a cookie sheet or tin foil would also work). My grill has a temperature gauge and I like it to read between 350 and 400 degrees F. Since my chicken and other ingredients were already cooked, I only needed to wait for the cheese to melt. I wouldn’t advise putting raw meat on your pizza as the dough may cook through before the meat, this would be especially true if using a pre-made shell like Boboli. I think it’s always easier to have your toppings prepared the way you like them before they get embedding in gooey cheese.





After I sliced off a couple of pieces, I sat down with a Victory Summer Ale to enjoy the view from my deck.




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