I am a…


Nurse Practitioner.


Cat lover.



Senior dog owner.

Aspiring yogi.

Body + athlete.

Yarn snob.

PurlBeforeSwine is a space that has taken many forms over the years (who doesn’t remember their first attempt at blogging via LiveJournal!?) and has ultimately grown out of my long-time journaling habit and love of the written word. The title is a cheeky nod to the phrase “pearls before swine” which is as old as dirt, or at least as old as the bible from which it originated (a reference to placing beautiful things before those who cannot understand or appreciate them). My father and I shared a love for the comics featured in our local newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and our favorite strip “Pearls Before Swine” depicts the often-unbecoming antics of a goat, pig, and rat. I have been an avid knitter for the last decade and modified the title to be a nod towards a basic stitch in knitting – the “purl” stitch. And there you have it!

PurlBeforeSwine is my mash-up of life in words, photos, projects, cooking, knitting, eating, fitness, and all of the messy experiences in between.



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